Floads - Remote DevOps


It is usually preferable to avoid problems than to have to deal with them afterwards, and this is especially true when it comes to the performance and availability of information and communication technologies. Our round-the-clock remote monitoring and management solution might be useful in this situation by keeping you informed of any interruptions.

This is done by automating crucial software upgrades and security updates, as well as monitoring your hardware and software. As part of the service, we’ll also provide you with advance notice of any potential issues of your information and communication technologies, so you can address them and keep things operating smoothly.

What Benefits May 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management Provide for Your Business?

Real-time monitoring

As a result of our systems' minimal software footprint, you may take advantage of unobtrusive real-time, cutting-edge monitoring that is available round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Early Notice By spotting possible issues and flaws beforehand, you may quickly resolve and handle situations before they become out of control.

Advanced Notice

In many circumstances, there won’t be any indications that something is going wrong, but with our monitoring service, you’ll gain advance notice that allows you more time to find a solution.

Avoid, Instead of Cure

We provide threat management, ensuring that all of your company’s systems are completely updated with the latest security patches and upgrades, in addition to alerting you to any impending issues. This will not only avoid many problems, but it will also increase your sense of security.

A Direction Toward Compliance

Your organization will get closer to compliance and best practice by using a systematic event management methodology.

Eliminating Noise

To identify your most important systems, we closely collaborate with you as part of our 24-hour monitoring service. The monitoring solution we offer will then be configured so that specific regions are highlighted, allowing you to only be informed about significant events. By doing this, the excessive data amount that is generated is eliminated, which is the main issue with monitoring events and alerts.

Setup and Configuration

We carry out the basic setups as well as the installation of all required software components. We also give you access to dashboards and summarized data on your IT performance, inventory, and any other previously stated things.