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Systems Engineering

Shouldn’t your applications change along with your business as it grows and develops?

Achieving 21st-Century Compatibility with Your Legacy System

It can be difficult to manage mainframe and legacy systems. All business and technology management teams are becoming increasingly concerned about their lack of agility, rising expenses, and the developing skills shortage. Furthermore, old systems might be a barrier to entering markets and prospects for business that depend on modern technologies.

Change Is An Obligation, Not An Option

Rehosting, replatforming, and rearchitecting are other cost- and time-efficient alternatives that must also be taken into account, even though complete replacement is occasionally the only choice.

Here is where our original ideas are put to use. We can identify the ideal approach for each business and system.

Modernization of Mainframes and Legacy Systems

Business operations are primarily dependent on mainframe applications, but like any technology, mainframe and legacy systems must advance to stay up with new advances.

We are skilled at converting legacy mainframe applications to distributed and cloud platforms.

We will weigh all options and identify the most creative solutions for each client, whether you decide to re-architect a legacy system and divide it into smaller pieces or reconsider how it is hosted and migrate your mainframe and legacy systems to platforms instead.

Regardless of the solutions that are best for your circumstances, we can offer you an effective and agile application development method to support the creation of the appropriate systems to manage your organization.

Services for Systems Integration

Application integration services must be planned for if your business strategy calls for the utilization of modern technologies.

In order to streamline and automate your business processes, it’s imperative to decide on the ideal connecting approach. By doing this, efficiency is increased without having to drastically alter your current applications or data structures. There are numerous alternatives.

Management of Applications

It is extremely difficult for organizations to integrate applications and systems in a way that produces reliable, effective operations and offers a consistent user experience. An alignment plan for your applications is required when combining applications from several generations with technologies that aren’t always totally compatible and when trying to modernize while keeping the expense of rewiring to a minimum.

How We Operate

Our top concern is maintaining business continuity. In addition to overcoming the technological obstacles that updating a legacy system brings, we also work to reduce, if not completely eradicate, any potential negative effects on the business as a whole.

Investigate Every Aspect

We look into all of the options so we can provide the most sensible solutions with a fresh perspective.

Utilizing Modern Technologies

Sometimes we can improve an old system with modern technology. Our DevOps knowledge may be applied to provide quick deployment while maintaining the stability of the applications, which will speed up the modernisation process. However, a legacy system must be completely replaced if an upgrade is not possible.

Reverse Engineering

With the use of reverse engineering, we can help you migrate to a new platform, recover lost data, or identify weaknesses in your current system.