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Kubernetes Services

Your cloud-native transition will advance thanks to the agility and quicker delivery of containerized applications.

With its reliability, automation, on-demand resource provisioning, and portability, Kubernetes is a tried-and-true method for streamlining the deployment and maintenance of your containerized applications.

Kubernetes may be effectively used with a range of architectures thanks to its multi-cloud features to boost developer productivity. With a rapidly expanding ecosystem, it is an open-source solution that can meet the various requirements of business and DevOps teams.

Kubernetes Consulting & Implementation

We evaluate your company’s adoption of container orchestrators at the present stage, identify bottlenecks, create an upgrade roadmap, as well as offer suggestions for avoiding crucial blunders and affordably installing large-scale production systems.

We provide completely managed Kubernetes solutions

To hasten the adoption of the most cutting-edge container orchestration tool in the market, we will provide a production-ready Kubernetes roadmap.

Evaluation and planning of a strategy

  • A review of the workloads and workflows currently in use
  • Guidelines for strategy development and improvement to minimize defects - in both the technology stacks and the development lifecycle
  • Improve your team’s skills through training to hasten onboarding

Kubernetes support

  • Designing a solution to meet your demands
  • Provisioning and planning for infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of the Kubernetes architecture
  • CI/CD pipelines to guarantee dynamic control of every component of the solution
  • Implementation of logging and metrics solutions
  • Security augmentation
  • Restore and backup

Containerizing and migrating applications

  • Legacy apps should be refactored to make the most of a cloud-native platform while adhering to the twelve-factor app principles.
  • Converting to microservices will change the application architecture
  • Containerize applications
  • Putting into practice the idea of moving containerized applications to Kubernetes


  • Monitoring the implementation to find potential problems before they have an impact on the business
  • Integration of backup/recovery solutions that are specifically designed for you
  • Plans for support subscriptions based on a ticket system customized for your needs