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DevOps services

Better throughput, reliable systems, and a shorter time to market can all be realized by switching to continuous delivery. By fostering an “everything as code” culture, our DevOps services improve cloud operations.

Problems to solve

  1. One of the main pain points to solve, quite probably, is to free the dev team from the burden of infrastructure related tasks while deploying should be fun and straightforward.
  2. Get back in full control of the infrastructure. Here, automation & GitOps are key solutions. All environments should be provisioned using code in git which can be reviewed by any team member.
  3. It’s vital for business to keep the infrastructure up and running all the time. To achieve this, monitoring is one of the most important aspects. We take care of this while you don’t need to.
  4. As far as the tech landscape moves incredibly fast, it’s fundamental to adopt the right technology stack. Hypes are nice to follow, but new technologies must follow the real needs of the dev team.

How we help with DevOps services

DevOps consulting services from Floads are the foundation of contemporary software development. With contemporary tools that complement our frameworks, we implement DevOps processes into your organization. To quickly launch your product, we automate your cloud infrastructure and business procedures while maintaining continuous integration and delivery. Our market-proven DevOps best practices and industry-leading DevOps services expedite and reduce the cost of bringing a feature-rich product to market.

Our DevOps approach

As a role of thumb, we can identify five milestones which we usually want to achieve with the dev team. Let’s consider this a journey into DevOps:

  1. Introduce the DevOps philosophy
  2. Remove the workload related to infrastructure
  3. Approach GitOps, automation and IaaC
  4. Review CI/CD, monitoring and deployments
  5. Have fun while doing it