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DevOps Automation Services

We streamline the process so that your high-performing teams can create, manage, and finish bigger projects more rapidly.

With our DevOps automation services, you can focus on your company goals, get rid of manual activities, boost productivity, assure security, and automate processes in a team environment.

Enabling Productivity, Quality, Consistency, and Speed All Together

To make the automation process simple, Floads offers you a variety of distinct DevOps services that are client-specific. We provide you services that improve the quality of code integration, the scalability of your applications, and the detection and elimination of faults.

You can use our services at various stages of your automation process to improve and hone your entire lifecycle. You may enhance the three crucial phases of your software lifecycle—production, execution, and supervision—with automated DevOps. The necessity for human engagement is significantly reduced when an automated system is implemented. The introduction of a mechanical and methodical approach lowers the likelihood of mistakes and errors.

Reap the Benefits of Our DevOps Automation Services

  • Speed up the process of building, deploying, monitoring, and delivery of your software.
  • Create a collaborative culture with transparency, shared responsibility, and trust.
  • Leverage the best DevOps automation tools for the whole team and manage unplanned work.
  • Implement your own disaster recovery plan and ensure instant availability of DevOps services.
  • Secure and stable environment with automated deployments.
  • Out of the box DevOps solutions and services to complex problems.

Utilize Our DevOps Automation Services to Your Advantage

  • Improve the speed of the software development, deployment, monitoring, and delivery processes.
  • Establish a culture of cooperation based on openness, responsibility sharing, and trust.
  • Manage unforeseen work using the best DevOps automation technologies for the entire team.
  • Put your own disaster recovery plan into action and guarantee that DevOps services are always available.
  • Automated deployments in a safe and stable environment.
  • DevOps services and products that address difficult issues right out of the box.

Our Top-Notch DevOps Automation Solutions

You may streamline your DevOps transformation process with our extensive knowledge, experience, and technological proficiency in DevOps automation. We can support your growth at every stage of development.

Deployment Automation

We assist companies with the automation of deployment procedures across a range of scenarios. While managing CI/CD pipeline, we enable you to introduce new features and capabilities in your apps more quickly.

Thanks to our DevOps automation services, you may speed up the development, testing, and deployment of software while lowering deployment risks or errors.

  • Automated setup, configuration, and installation of many server types
  • Web applications are packaged and deployed using Docker containers.
  • Use Kubernetes to deploy containerized apps.
  • Take control of and coordinate serverless infrastructure
  • Deployments of multiple databases, that are automated.
  • Using autoscaling
  • Splitting of traffic among servers using load balancers
  • Updates, fixes, and modernization of the application

Continuous Integration & Configuration Management

Utilize CI/CD pipelines to close the gap between your development and operations teams. Every source code check-in is verified by an automated build thanks to continuous integration, which enables teams to identify issues as soon as possible.

  • Continuous integration
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Setting up and managing a Git server

Deployment Services

To guarantee that the architecture is highly available, scalable, and cost- and performance-efficient, we offer deployment services. We offer the following steps to help you reach your objectives.

  • Automation and cloud orchestration
  • Architecture & strategy for containerization
  • Deployments across many zones and regions
  • Secured network
  • Database and volume encryption
  • Traffic division between sites
  • Periodic backups of databases
  • Log management
  • Support for monitoring and production